We are premature, we intend to promote all the support and accompaniment and awareness actions that prematureness requires.

Going beyond the aspects that affect premature and their families and that their knowledge can help to make a correct approach of the premature ones by their families is a constant demand on the part of the parents. However, to inform the various professionals who treat pre-adults is a tool that must be encouraged. As well as work on the importance of coordination and the complementarity of actions on these newborns. That is why we have started these workshops that will be carried out with a monthly frequency.

We are premature since the year 2015 the celebration of the global day of prematurity in Catalonia, jointly with associations, groups of parents and professionals.

We are prematurely believe that joining the parents’ networks of premature births will give us an overall view of the degree of implantation in Catalonia of advances in development-centered care and the family.
In view of the diversity of approaches that take place on premature births and the many different visions that often make it difficult for parents to obtain a global and coherent view of the best way of parenting a premature, the relevant issues that will need Being emitting and those that by the very nature of prematurity are common and above all to make an analysis from the experience of what is presenting this current morbidity and mortality in the whole group of preterm infants. That is why it is important that once a year we meet to be able to develop this analysis. As well as celebrating in a playful way this date is so important for all of us.

This training has two phases:

An initial phase in which the volunteer, through several group sessions and several sessions of personal interviews with our head of volunteering and group management, Judith Jiménez and our periatal psychologist Juanita Cajiao, decides how and in what way they want and can collaborate as a volunteer.

The second phase of training is already more theoretical and will be carried out through virtual and face-to-face sessions in a program that will include as important aspects as they are:

The vision that must be given before birth and premature birth. A renowned midwife and a referring gynecologist in prematurity and risky pregnancies along with her team will give a necessary and often forgotten vision of the conditions in which the mothers of premature babies come and face the childbirth.

The importance of how to approach these mothers, and important aspects to take into account as well as basic terminology.

Topics will also be addressed, such as basic prescriptions to be taken into account in the neonatal and dynamic units within the NICUs, which will be taught by a nurse specializing in neonatal units and neonatologists will provide the medical point of view of basic aspects that are necessary Learn to empathize and understand the parents of preterm that volunteers will attend.

The training is completed with approaches to parents of preterm, work in GAM groups and mourning management.

Families of preterm (expert patients) will also give as necessary and fundamental aspects as are experiences of experience, legal and legal aspects, what implies the new situation of prematurity regarding the work and the support that parents of preterm can choose. And it ends with a vision of what needs to be taken into account once families leave the NICU’s, such as monitoring, stimulation and future prospects that await them.

We are very excited about this project that we have just started.

From the premature association we promote new ways to finance the projects we promote through fundraising and crowdsourcing.

One of the most important is the Master Class of Benefit Zumba for prematurity, which this year we have celebrated the third edition collecting more than € 4,000.

We have also promoted Micromanage actions such as:

  • Solidarity Corridor at the Zurich Marathon in Barcelona
  • Project an extractor for each Incubator with the portal my grain of
  • Establishment of Teaming for We Are Premature
  • Participation in other events