Breast pump

Care centered on development and the family in the case of prematurity requires stimulating factors that favor the family’s reconciliation with their new situation. The Premature Association of Hospital Clínic – Maternitat wants to help this to be a reality and not an exception. Being able to get milk next to your child is proven to stimulate lactogenesis and maintenance.

The mother of a newborn admitted in an intensive care unit due to her premature birth has to face numerous difficulties, especially emotional order.
In this very difficult context, breastfeeding can appear as something absolutely secondary; Some premature babies can be breastfeed very quickly. But this is not the case in most cases. There is a delay between the moment of birth and the one in which the effective remedy becomes possible and effective. The success of breastfeeding under these conditions is similar to a combatant session.

It is for this reason that the Association wants to promote the success of breastfeeding in parents of premature children who suffer from these harsh conditions making this fight the most flat.

And we need your help to make it possible! An extractor for each incubator is a very ambitious project. Lactating a premature means preventing many diseases from the immunodeficiency with which these children are born. Help us!

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