Celebration of the 2016 World Children’s Day

Last Saturday we celebrated the world day of the premature child in the Plaça del Parc Pou d’en Fèlix, Esplugues de Llobregat, amid a fun, entertaining and very emotional day.

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Early in the morning, the entertainer of children, Marc Oriol, gave the start of the party. Along with the informative table of the association there was also information from the Bank of breast milk and Melic, as well as the other reference hospitals such as Vall Hebron, Sant Joan de Déu or Quiron Deixeus.

There were also stalls full of children’s clothes and secondhand items. This was a special way of collaborating and making an economic donation for preterm associations.

A little bit of a square was filled with boys and girls, grandparents and grandmothers, grandchildren and grandchildren and a lot of people who could enjoy juggling games, magic, balance and the show offered in charge of the Circ de Jocs company, which celebrated the celebration in an exceptional way.
Some boys and girls painted their faces thanks to the collaboration one more year of the maquilladores of the school Cazcarra that made a fantastic makeup.
The act concluded with the reading of a manifesto for the rights of preterm and the already traditional balloon in memory of all those premature children who are no longer among us.

Finally, a photo courtesy of NM photography was drawn up and a small gift was given to the children attending the event, courtesy of Luk International.

It was great to share experiences with parents who have had premature children and also with parents who were sympathetic to our cause.

Slowly, and between all, we will make the world of prematurity more present!

However, we also want to make a special mention and give our most sincere thanks to all the companies that have contributed to making this event possible:

Luk Internacional
Circ de Jocs
Marc Oriol
Banc de Llet Materna