The Premature Association of Catalonia is created to accompany and respond to the needs of premature parents

The death of Aina, a premature girl, of only 8 days of life, became the starting point of the association. The reason why so many efforts that the parents of this creature had to do to achieve pregnancy, to take care of them in conditions of very high risk, face unexpectedly, birth in conditions of extreme prematurity and the death of this creature, left a vital space lacking in meaning. In the end, this story, with the unique particularities of each family, has been unfortunately given in many cases.

These vulnerable children come to the world to tell us that they and their families need emotional, psycho-social, medical and therapeutic understanding and support, from the earliest ages to adolescence, when all the difficulties derived from prematurity, have been able to know and treat properly. The Premature Association, was born, listening to the cry of these children and their families. Initially, covering only the scope of the Hospital Clínic Maternitat; and currently, based on the demands of families who had had their children in other hospitals, throughout the Catalan territory. For this reason, lately, the Statutes of the association have been modified and currently we are premature can develop their activity in all the hospitals in the territory of Catalonia with whom they have been able to sign a collaboration agreement.

The agreement with the Catalan Health Institute, signed last May 2018, facilitates the signing of agreements with hospitals, throughout Catalonia.

Coverage will be increased, as soon as possible, to achieve the objective of equal opportunities and non-discrimination, due to the place of birth.

We’re premature has come to stay; to help children and families and cooperate with those research projects, aimed at improving the quality of life of these children.