We propose a series of initiatives to accompany and help families with premature babies.

We want to accompany families on this path, providing them with a meeting point, support, information and learning where they feel listened to and in which they can share experiences, resolve doubts, listen to concerns and / or opinions, and of course share the successes.

How do we do it?

We do periodic accompaniment to parents admitted to the NICU of the different hospitals throughout Catalonia.
We establish contact with other parents who have gone through the same experience that you are going through and elaborate workshops along with the different neonatal units during the admission to deal with the concerns during this stage.
We also want to offer, as expert patients, Information about the help, resources that may be needed and directed, putting families in contact with the different professionals they need at all times, especially at the time of the baby’s birth and also offer support as of that moment
We celebrate special days like Christmas, Kings, Sant Jordi, days in which the absence of being able to enjoy together and at home these dates means that the relatives need additional support.

The support and accompaniment we offer is done in person, by phone, or via email.

However, we also offer accompaniment to families who are in long-term income due to high risk pregnancy.

You can find us at the NICUs of hospitals with which we have agreements accompanying parents. If you do not see us ask your Unit. If you can not, you can also call the association’s telephone number 626873249 or send an email to info@somprematurs.cat to send us any questions.

At the moment we have an agreement signed with the ICS to be able to attend all the parents that are admitted to the different hospitals of the network of the Catalan Institute of the Health.

This project is undergoing expansion and we are opening new avenues of collaboration with all the hospitals in Catalonia, who have families with preterm infants and who are interested in being able to provide this service to their NICU.

A very ambitious project that aims to raise awareness of the existence of these babies. Join the strength of the elderly with the desire to live by some small big fighters.

The network of residences for elderly people Sumar, together with the companies that collaborate with this project
Celorama, Katia Wool, Roses Crafts, Valeria di Roma.

We are premature and add social action (network of nursing homes) have joined together to make one of the most intimate projects of the Association. The grandparents do the hair of our prey and with a card they dedicate their wise words to the new babies who begin their life fighting.

Currently to be able to reach all the hospitals in Catalonia, we are working on the project in conjunction with the My Little Hero association and arriving in the Catalan territory so that any premature baby will run out of guts or bumps.

Once out of the hospital, when the challenge of having a premature child is more intense. It is just at this moment where the accompaniment is very necessary too.

An ambitious project that has a National scope: All Catalonia and Andorra.

It consists in the creation of a network of preadolescents from all over Catalonia so that they can accompany, guide and share experiences in the territory. Not always the parents of premature children can move to participate in our workshops and accompaniments. This project aims to give the possibility that parents with reduced mobility can share and enjoy experiences and the company of other parents of preterm that have gone through the same thing as them.

Project to provide a milk extractor in each incubator and thus facilitate lactogenesis so hard in preterm mothers and thus promote the care centered on development and the family.

This project is offered to hospitals all over Catalonia who want to work in favor of breastfeeding in Preterm students and also want to work on the creation of scientific literature on the effect that this project can produce and if the improvement is confirmed of the onset of breastfeeding in the mothers of premature children.

Providing a psychologist with a NICU should be a priority of all the Neonatology services of the different NICUs in the Catalan territory.

Taking a good look at the new situation in which a preterm’s father is found is essential in order to be able to make a proper relationship and help this vulnerable baby and their parents to start their life adventure with the guarantees they deserve.

Working together with the hospital through scholarships, we offer the possibility of giving a perinatal psychologist a few hours so that he can carry out this supportive task.

We want to promote a publication that deals with key issues and highlights the different actions taken on prematurity in the Catalan territory. As well as help and to serve as a consult and help with prematurity and touch all the transversal issues that occur in the birth and upbringing of a child @ prematur @.

Parents who have their children admitted need special attention and training. From the Premature Association we believe that parents may choose to attend Specialized Workshops given by professionals specialized in family-centered care and to be able to attend talks made by expert parents to accompany and train the new parents of premature to empower themselves and be able to enjoy good care centered on development and the family.

In the past 2017 we are premature students, we participated in a research study driven by Ucla University researchers (Lancaster – UK): Dr. Gill Thomson & Marie-Clare Balaam, School of Community Health and Midwifery, University of Central Lancashire, Preston . For his study: Supporting the Peer Supporter of the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.