Professionals and family members make possible a joint and interdisciplinary effort aimed at improving the quality of life of our premature infants.


We are prematurely believe in teamwork and base our project on the incorporation of families in the care of our babies and children. This teamwork allows us to approach prematurity from all sides. Professionals and family members make possible a joint and interdisciplinary effort aimed at improving the quality of life of our premature infants.


For this to be possible, we open the research areas in the psychological field, emotional and social attention to families, in the medical field, thus taking into account the whole team of people who deal with premature birth we can work on positive and form The team that leads We are premature is a team That’s why we are premature is formed by a multidisciplinary team related to the approach of prematurity.

We are premature members of the Catalan territory. We currently have several delegations. You can contact us by email or by calling us directly.

Management team

Elisabet Farga i Carrera

Founder of ASPREM-HCM and mother of twins born at the 27 weeks of gestation, the Aina that died and the Jana. And of the 12-year-old Queralt who was not premature.

Francesc Botet Mussons

He is a pediatrician-neonatologist, titular professor of the UB, honorary member of SENeo. He is the father of three children born prematurely.

Tais Espanyol.

Teacher of primary education and special education. Mare d'en Pau born in the 31 weeks of gestation.

Vanessa Garcia

Administrative Mare de la Valeria 24 weeks of gestation and 660 grams of weight.

Anna Ciurana

Nursing coordinator of the Neonatology service of the Hospital Clínic for more than 10 years, currently pre-retired. Mother of two children none of them born premature.

Judith Jiménez

Social integrator, doula and nursing assistant. 31-week-old mare d'en Liesler.

Fabiola Moreno

Co-founder of ASPREM-HCM and 11-year-old Aisha's mother born at 32 weeks of gestation.

Marta Artiga

Teacher of infant education and on the verge of finalizing Psychology. Mare d'en Biel 32 weeks of gestation.

Groups of parents of Hospitals (delegates)

  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu: Eva Martínez
  • Hospital Vall d'Hebron: Karol Burillo-Davinia Prieto
  • Hospital Teknon: Aida Alonso
  • Hospital Dexeus: Karem Merielles
  • Hospital Clinic-Maternitat: Judith Jiménez
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Reus: Marta Artiga
  • Hospital Joan XXIII: Marta Artiga

Work equipment

In order to realize all the projects that we carry out, there are a series of working groups that shape and frame the goals of Som Prematurs.

  • Web-Communication Group: Leads Elisabet Farga
  • Training group: Lead Francesc Botet
  • Group of new areas and hospitals: Leads Anna Ciurana
  • Group of psychologists-management and support to families: Leads Juanita Cajiao Perinatal psychologist
  • Subsidies and Fundraising Group: Leads Aida Alonso
  • Volunteer Group: Lead Judith Jiménez
  • Parent and Workshop Group - Workshops: Lead Marta Artiga
  • Group of dynamism project and accompaniment actions for families: Lidera Tais Espanyol
  • Administrative Coordination Group: Leads Vanessa Garcia